North European ATM Industry Group

NATMIG AS, the North European ATM Industry Group, is part of the European public-private partnership SESAR, the Single European Sky ATM Research Programme, which aims at developing greener, safer, more efficient and economical solutions for air traffic management.

NATMIG AS was founded in 2007 by four of the leading North European industries involved in air traffic management solutions; Airtel ATN of Ireland, Northrop Grumman Park Air Systems of Norway, Saab of Sweden and SINTEF of Norway, with the purpose to create a stakeholder with a body big enough to participate in the pan-European public-private partnership SESAR. NATMIG, owned by 25 percent each of the industries involved, will run projects valued at € 36 million that addresses all of the goals within SESAR; increasing the air traffic capacity, improving safety, reducing the environmental impact and cut the costs. The current contracted value for all of SESAR is € 1.9 billions of a total budget of € 2.1 billion.

Member of SESAR